Key Benefits

Xcorer significantly improves feedback quality and relevance. It also enhances feedback accuracy and meaning. With Xcorer, feedback becomes a powerful force to guide and motivate.


Xcorer in Workshops

Facilitators usually invite workshop participants to exchange feedback about the tasks they perform in class. With Xcorer, participants can provide better feedback to each other.


Xcorer in Coaching

Coaches usually pay close attention to their coachees in order to convey meaningful and relevant feedback. With Xcorer, feedback is more precise and inspires the desirable changes.

Feedback with Precision


Xcorer in Presentations

Presenters will experience a dramatic improvement with Xcorer. Imagine being able to see exactly when the audience becomes more engaged and why, in both live or video presetations.


Xcorer in Role-playing

The two weak points in business role-playing have always been scoring and feedback. Xcorer changes all of that. It increases scoring fairness and feedback objectivity.


Xcorer in Benchmarking

Benchmarking is about comparing one performance against another. This applies to presentations, role-playing, etc. Xcorer helps determine which performance is best and why.


Increasing feedback relevance in business environments.